About Us


The company was incorporated in June, 2005 when it purchased the assets of Furniture City Glass, a glass and mirror fabricating company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Immediately upon purchase, the name was changed to “Specialty Glass Products” to signify the new direction of the company. The name change was symbolic, but it was the catalyst in changing the perception of the Company internally and externally with its customers.

Our customers were extremely frustrated with the cost, leadtime and service level of their current suppliers of Decorative Glass. Solving this need began our mission. We started with painting glass and continued to add more value added services. The company quickly developed a reputation for innovation, creativity, reliability and quality.

Specialty Glass Products formed a Strategic Partnership with a major paint manufacturer in 2007 and became their sole customer of their water-based paints designed specifically for decorative glass. The environmentally friendly water-based paints have 80-95% less VOC’s than the solvent based products used by its competition. To ensure a consistent high quality finish, Specialty Glass Products designed and developed their our own CNC machines to apply the paints. The major paint company conducted a thorough review of the internally developed paint application process and certified Specialty Glass Products as the first and only “Approved Applicator” of this product.

In October of 2012, the company purchased and renovated a building in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the sole purpose of establishing a state of the art facility to expand its ability to provide cost effective environmentally friendly decorative glass options.

Mission Statement

  1. Become the industry leader in decorative glass using environmentally friendly materials, processes and methods
  2. Develop innovative application processes and methods that provide superior quality over existing application methods
  3. Form Strategic Partnerships with key vendors to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace
  4. Provide value added services and finishes to give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  5. Establish a reputation for high quality glass products with reliable lead times

Quality Policy

  • Clearly understand and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Effectively communicate customer requirements to employees who affect quality
  • Provide processes, tools and resources to consistently achieve quality
  • Provide the employees the training needed to conduct their duties
  • Establish an environment of continuous improvement

Core Values

  • Be the best in all we do and how we do it
  • Maintain honesty, integrity, ethics and professionalism in all relationships
  • Work as a team
  • Be productive and proactive
  • Provide superior service
  • Encourage, recognize, and reward those who embrace responsibility and achieve results
  • Continuously improve, Innovate – never be satisfied