Glass Marker Boards

. . .  a wide variety of back painted glass marker boards. Every glass marker board is made to order, so you can select your size, attachment method, thickness and design. Our variety of options include: Single sided non-magnetic, single sided magnetic and double sided non-magnetic. Glass options include standard low iron or low iron light etch (non-glare) glass.

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Glass Marker Board Tray Extrusion:

This extrusion was designed in-house to provide a slim, yet practical design for our marker boards.  The extrusion is available in Black or Satin Anodized Aluminum and is available in lengths up to 10’.  The extrusion is packaged separately from the glass marker boards.  The width of the extrusion is perfect to hold two markers side by side or an eraser.  This extrusion is proudly made in Michigan.

Magnetic Marker Board Magnets:

These magnets are really strong and work well with glass up to 1/4” thick.  The plastic casing makes the magnets easy to use.  Rare earth magnets are very brittle and the plastic casing protects them from shattering during use and causing potential hazards.  The magnets come in red, black and white and are shipped 5 per tube.