The environmentally friendly decorative finishes for glass that we currently offer are:

Backpainting glass using waterbased paints.  These paints were developed exclusively for decorative glass and have 80 to 90% less VOC’s than solvent based paints used by the majority of our competitors.  The paint has been lab tested for durabilitly, adhesion and fading.









Laser Etching –  Laser etching can be done on clear, low iron, acid etched or backpainted glass.  This process is done in-house and allows us to produce many decorative design options that are very unique.  When you combine laser etching and backpainting you can create designs and patterns in glass that cannot be produced elsewhere.


Acid Etched Decorative Glass – Unlike the majority of our competitors, we only purchase etched glass from sources that are committed to producing the product in an environmentally responsible matter.  Our supplier uses state-of-the-art environmental control equipment including air scrubbers to neutralize toxic fumes before they are released to the atmosphere as well as a waste water purification system which eliminated harmful fluorine ions from the waste system.  We will not purchase any product from Mexico, China or any other country where these systems are not in place.


Custom Acid Etched Decorative Glass –  Our supplier will produce a custom etching pattern for larger jobs or customers who are able to order large quantities over an agreed upon time period.  There are also 3 levels of opacity that can be obtained by varying the etching process.  Glass can be etched on one side or both sides for a uniform looking from any viewing angle.


Sandblasting – We do in-house sandblasting per customer request.  We can do a full blast or mask off part of the sheet to produce logo, stripes or patterns.


Digital Printing – We can also supply glass that is digitally printed using water-based low voc inks.  This is great for signs and designs that have multiple colors or need 4 color process printing.


Bring you ideas for a decorative glass product to us and let us work with you to produce it in a more environmentally friendly process.   newlogo