Markerboard Installation & Spec Sheets

View our pdf documents to ease the specification and installation of our back painted glass markerboards.

Mounting & Installation Instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions for three methods of mounting markerboards.

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Glass Markerboard Specifications

General Markerboard


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Standard sizes, accessories and more.

Markerboard with Holes


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For markerboards mounted to walls through holes in the board.

Markerboard without Holes


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For flush-mounted and edge-mounted markerboards.

Markerboard Accessories & Hardware Specifications



Our strong, stylish rare earth decorative magnets have a pull force of 17 pounds—enough to hold up to six standard-size sheets of paper. They come in a set of five and are available in red, black and white.

Extrusion Trays


These lightweight aluminum-alloy trays provide a convenient storage spot for markers and erasers. Available in black or clear anodized finish.

Z-Clip Extrusions


Aluminum Z-clips are used to secure glass markerboards to walls. They are easy to install, hang close to the wall, and give a floating appearance with no visible hardware.



Anodized aluminum stand-offs, or stanchions, are an alternate method for securing markerboards to walls. Choose edge-mount or hole-mount stand-offs.