UV Gluing

Adding Strength and Clarity

Eliminating the need for holes or fasteners that obstruct the surface of the glass.

Customers often rely on us to ease the process of fastening glass to other products. We use UV gluing as our method because it produces an extremely strong, optically clear bond.

We apply stanchions/stand-offs to glass using CNC-cut templates. This ensures repeatability from part to part. We cut the templates on our laser machines using a customer supplied .dxf or .dwg file for optimum accuracy.

Reception stations, consoles and table tops are among the products that benefit from UV gluing.

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Our Quality Policy

Everything we do, we do with the utmost precision and attention to detail. All of our work processes are governed by these principles:
  • Clearly understand and meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Effectively communicate customer requirements to employees who affect quality.
  • Provide processes, tools and resources to consistently achieve quality.
  • Provide the employees the training needed to conduct their duties.
  • Establish an environment of continuous improvement.
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UV Gluing Photos

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