Eco-Friendly Decorative Glass

We strive to use environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Below are a few of our eco-friendly processes that we use to help create unique decorative glass.

Water-Based Paints

Our paints have 80-90% less VOCs than the solvent-based paints used by the majority of our competitors. Our paints are developed exclusively for back painting decorative glass and have been lab-tested for durability, adhesion and fade-resistance.

Water-Based Inks

We use only low-VOC water-based inks to digitally print onto glass, enabling us to offer elaborate multicolor designs and four-color process printing in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Controlled Acid Etching

We only purchase acid-etched glass from sources that use state-of-the-art environmental control equipment, including air scrubbers that neutralize toxic fumes and wastewater purification systems that eliminate harmful fluorine ions.

In-House Production

We do our own back painting, laser etching, sandblasting and digital printing in house, so we can better control each process and minimize environmental impact.

Eco Customization

We encourage clients to bring their ideas for decorative glass products to us and let us figure out a way to produce them in a more eco-friendly way.